Waveteq Communications Inc. is a Canadian wireless IP based wireless solutions provider to ISP's, telecommunications carriers and facility operators. Waveteq's solutions are particularly effective where reliable, hardened cost-effective connectivity is required. Applications include remote communities requiring BroadBand Internet access, facilities requiring secure communications for IP based wireless appliances and off-grid deployments with limited or no access to power.

Currently Waveteq is working with qualified system integrators to deliver solutions to people in underserved and challenging geographies and climates. With our partners, we have worked in South America, Africa and North America on a variety of projects.

The ShadowMaster family of products are tough, flexible and easy to install. They are designed to operate in the harshest of environments, in off-grid applications and attach to most existing infrastructure. Enhancements to data throughput, operation in the presence of interference and cross platform capabilities make Waveteq a superior choice for Wireless Operators globally.

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