Network Applications
The Waveteq Shadow series of robust WiFi radio products are highly flexible, powerful and built to withstand the elements. Configurable as a link and cover, intelligent repeater and redundant backhaul, the ShadowMaster has features which allow the most complex of network deployments.
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Link and Cover
Waveteq’s ShadowMaster is an integrated dual radio and router 802.11 a/b/g wireless device. Ideally suited to link and cover
applications, the configuration of the unit would look like this.
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The ShadowMaster’s flexibility allows for configuration as a repeater. In situations where there is no line of site (LOS) or the distances between required coverage areas are to great to maintain adequate throughput, an intelligent repeater is often required.

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Dual Access
The Waveteq ShadowMaster can be configured as a dual radio access point. This allows the use of higher gain sector antennas to create an expanded RF footprint. This configuration also provides choice of channels, authentication types, and/or 802.11 modes.

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