Cast aluminum enclosure   Encryption (AES, WPA, WEP, ACL)
Power Over Ethernet (POE)   Onboard Router
Secondary Ethernet Port   Traffic Shaping
802.11 a/b/g operation on Dual Radios   Real Time Monitoring
Integrated 21 dBi 5 GHz Antenna   Built in Diagnostics
Built in Mounting and Aiming Hardware   DHCP Client and Server
N connectors for each Radio   NAT Support
Robust, visually pleasing design   Bridging Support
Low Power   Radius Support
Hardware Watchdog   Hotspot Capability

  Additional Information

ShadowMaster Quickstart Guide - PDF

ShadowMaster Manual - PDF 2.6 Meg

Weather Proofing - PDF

ShadowMaster Specifications

ShadowMaster Applications

Combined BackHaul and Coverage - The dual radio design and integrated antenna allow very low cost deployments in remote areas. The option of using an external antenna allow the ShadowMaster to taylor the coverage and focus high speed coverage. The onboard router and special enhancement modes provide a very cost effective way to deliver broadband services.

Intelligent Repeater - The ShadowMaster with its dual radio design can be used as a true repeater.

Dual Access Points Ths ShadowMaster can be provisioned for Dual Access Points since the radios are totally independent. The ShadowMaster provides full internetworking capability for routing, bridging, tunnelling, VLANs, Virtural SSID's for the establishment of a carrier grade IP wireless network.


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