Waveteq’s ShadowMaster is an integrated dual radio and router 802.11 a/b/g wireless device. Ideally suited to link and cover applications, the configuration of the unit would look like this.

In the illustration the ‘Remote Site’ would be configured as your access point.  One of the ShadowMaster internal radios would be assigned to link (or connect) to a ShadowMaster with Internet Point of Presence (POP).  The second radio would be assigned to provide coverage to a designated area.  

The “link” radio would employ the internal 5 GHz radio antenna to complete the connection with the POP.  As an alternative, ShadowMaster is equipped with secondary external antenna connectors.  A variety of antenna could be connected to this port.  The activation of the external antenna port deactivates the internal antenna.  This reduces interference and improves the overall performance of the ShadowMaster.

The “cover” radio would use the external antenna port assigned to the second radio built into the ShadowMaster.  This radio is programmable for use in both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands and requires the use of an external antenna.  You will need to choose your antenna based upon the criteria and characteristics of the terrain you will cover.  A variety of antennae are available to fit your needs.

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