Waveteq Communications system and product integration is based at our home office in the interior of British Columbia.  All ShadowMaster and ShadowMini devices are designed and manufactured in house. 
Our commitment to product Quality, efficient manufacturing techniques and new and innovative design is being monitored and improved with a commitment to quick achievement of ISO 9000 standards. 
Our manufacturing and engineering teams work together to produce reliable, highly flexible, world class products for use anywhere.



Waveteq is proud to work with a growing number of highly competent professional organizations.  We choose our Partners as carefully as they choose us.  We look for companies with a sales force on the ground and a technical team capable of supporting and deploying wireless networks.  Part of the Waveteq partnership is the use of Waveteq Network Services to help design and develop solutions.  This way we are confident the customer will operate a system which exceeds their needs, is installed correctly from the start and will grow to meet their customer’s and their own needs in the future.


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