Cast aluminum waterproof enclosure   Encryption (AES, WPA, WEP, ACL)
Power Over Ethernet (POI)   Onboard Router
Secondary Ethernet Port   Traffic Shaping
802.11 a/b/g operation on Dual Radios   Real Time Monitoring
Integrated 21 dBi 5 GHz Antenna   Built in Diagnostics
Built in Mounting and Aiming Hardware   DHCP Client and Server
N connectors for each Radio   NAT Support
Robust, visually pleasing design   Bridging Support
Low Power   Radius Support
Hardware Watchdog   Hotspot Capability

Link and Cover - The dual radio design and integrated antenna allow very low cost deployments in remote areas. All that is required is a powered site. The addition of an external antenna completes a full site including coverage sector and backhaul link. The dual ethernet ports allow a second Shadowmaster to be used at the same site to create 3 coverage sectors sharing the backhaul link without the need for any other components such as routers, switches and eliminating the need for expensive equipment buildings.

Intelligent Repeater - Unlike many competitors products, the ShadowMaster can be used as a true repeater. This is only possible due to the dual radio design. Each radio can be set up independently and can take advantage of two distinct radio channels, effectively increasing your backhaul link capacity by 3 times when compared to other 802.11 products functioning in repeater mode.

Dual Access Points When needed, both radios can be set up as Access Points on separate frequencies. Because the radios are totally independent, the ShadowMaster can be configured to act as either a:

  • Two 802.11b/g access points,
  • Two 802.11a access points or,
  • One 802.11b/g and One 802.11a access point.

  • Full internetworking for routing, bridging, tunnelling, VLANs, Virtural SSID's between the access points through an on-board router.

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