Design   Network
Waterproof Enclosure   Router Mode
Power Over Ethernet (POE)   NAT Router Mode
Built in Mounting and Aiming Hardware   Bridge Mode
Optional External Connector   Bandwidth Throttling
Robust, visually pleasing design   DHCP Client and Server
Low Power   Firewall
Wireless   Port Forwarding
802.11 a/b/g operation   Real-Time Graphing
Integrated 14 dBi 2 GHz Antenna   Network Throughput
Transmit Power Control   Wireless Throughput
RTS/CTS Control   Signal Strength
Fragmentation Threshold Setting   Wireless Bit Rate
Access Control MAC Lists (AP)   Gateway Ping Time
Encrytion Techniqes (Client)   Built in Diagnostics
802.1x Radius   Speed Test
WPA-PSK   Packet Sniffer
WPA-Enterprise   Antenna Alignment Meter
WEP (40, 104 bit)   Detailed Status Reports

Customer Premise Unit - Acts as a customer site wireless client with the ability to be put in several modes, including router, bridge or gateway (NAT) router for maximum security and flexibility. Additionally works in all 802.11 a/b/g frequency bands

Point to Point Radio - Can be used to form point to point links between 2 sites, without the need for an expensive outdoor access point.

Basic Access Point - As a bonus, the ShadowMini includes the ability to function as an access point with basic features and access control.


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