“When the time came to retire a number of our key Access Points, we needed to look to other manufacturers for a suitable replacement. In our side by side field comparisons, the Waveteq ShadowMaster was the only unit that could connect with all the customer premise units (CPEs) in the field, and met our rigorous standards. Waveteq's ShadowMaster Access Point out performed the other units we tested in either 802.11b and g modes.”

ABC Communications, Emille Blanc – Wireless Systems Administrator

We have tested…Shadow Master and our tests showed that your equipment is more flexible and easier…than other products.

Data Telecom Service, Madagascar.

“We talked to WaveTeq’s customers who have either purchased or have tested the well established brand names in the Wireless equipment market and they are now using WaveTeq equipment because of its superior performance and value”

OIF Managing Director John Drope.

“I have purchased and tested a lot of units and no one comes close to WaveTeq’s price/performance.”

WiTech Solutions, Guy Waddington, President

“We started two years ago trying to find a wireless vendor that could do dynamic VLAN configurations, but we could not find one. Ericsson was closest back then on a much less hardened product than (Waveteq), so we have worked with them a little but this is looking much better.”

PacketFront Peter Gustafsson, Director of Engineering

"Waveteq had what we needed to link each of these remote locations together as well as do the local distribution all in one product. This is a large project and we needed partners that were experts in what they do."

North West Technologies Dean Colpitts, President

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