Waveteq is a global leader in the provision of wireless network solutions for harsh environments that is able to operater off the power grid & off the Internet grid.

Our SOLID Wireless broadband products positively impact the quality of life of our clients and the ultimate end users of our products, by enabling Internet access anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to deliver easiest to use, fastest to deploy, zero maintenance, wireless broadband products to the off-grid world.

By delivering SOLID Wireless Broadband solutions, Waveteq Communications Inc., is able to connect end users in meaningful ways and bring commercial opportunity to network operators and economic opportunity to network users everywhere. Waveteq is able to sell into the demanding environments of the rural, industrial and off-grid markets.

We Strive for Postive Customer Experiences:

“I have purchased and tested a lot of units and no one comes close to WaveTeqs price/performance”

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